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Duality Duo

Weddings, Private Events, Corporate and Public Gigs!

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About Duality

Campbell Burgess and Kirraley Stevens

Kirraley and Campbell bring a special chemistry to their performances as duo partners and life partners. The two passionate musicians met and quickly bonded over their love of music. This has helped them flourish together in a career as music duo, Duality. Both Kirraley and Campbell are accomplished musicians with a range of experience both together and apart. As a duo they specialise in weddings, private events and pub gigs. Using loop and stomp pedals Duality aim to bring a unique sound to their performances.

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Introducing Campbell Burgess

Guitarist and Loop Pedal Operator

Campbell is an accomplished musician who has played guitar for 10 years. He has performed as part of duos and bands across South Australia. His extensive knowledge has allowed him to create unique sounds using loop and stomp pedals. Campbell is dedicated to a high level of performance and creating something different to stand out from the crowd. He also plays drums and loves the opportunity to be part of a band. Campbell has entered competitions such as 'Battle of the Bands' as a drummer. These experiences have contributed to his wide love of many music genres. Through this Campbell has a large repertoire of songs.

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